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ABG10 is Automatica's 5th generation mapping tool. Previous generations:
Data Rattle (CD based 1998)
2004 AutoSVG web based using Scaleable Vector Graphics
2007 AutoWVG Microsoft Silverlight
Windows 8.1 store app ABG 2014

The latest generation ABG10 utilises the native mapping support within Windows 10 giving access to the latest mapping available from Bing. In addition ABG10 utilises DirectX to overcome the performance and data size limitations associated with Windows 10 native mapping. The data, such as 2011 Census, Road Traffic Collisions, can be stored locally, on a local network or in Microsoft's Azure. ABG10 is available from the Windows store and is also available from Automatica and can be installed on any Windows 10 computer provided "Side Loading" is enabled.
Access to data is controlled by a Simple Web Token (SWT), a very small encoded text file.